Assess and Control Pain

"Do you know ..." is an educational series for patients and their families.

About Fentanyl patches

Fentanyl (also called Duragesic) is a medicine called an opioid or a narcotic. It is used to reduce pain. The fentanyl patch is a way of giving your child this pain medicine.

About patient controlled analgesia (PCA)

Patient controlled analgesia (PCA) is a way to provide pain medicine using a pump. The PCA pump allows the patient to safely give himself pain medicine when he needs it most.

Epidural pain relief

An epidural catheter is a small tube connected to a pump. The pump gives your child a small amount of pain medicine at all times.

Nerve block injections and infusions

When pain medicines are given directly to nerves, it blocks pain without making your child feel sleepy. A nerve block injection is a single shot. A nerve block infusion is given through a tube connected to a pump.

Using lidocaine to reduce needlestick pain

Some treatments, such as starting an IV or putting a needle in a port, are painful. Whenever possible, your child should have the option of not feeling this pain. Lidocaine cream and the J-Tip® can be used to numb the skin first.

Using the CADD® Solis pump for nerve block infusions

The CADD®Solis pump infuses a medicine called an anesthetic that lessens the feeling of pain. Using this pump will help your child feel less pain after surgery, and it also might help her need less pain medicine.

What you can do to help your child in pain

If your child is feeling pain, it is important that you tell his doctor or nurse right away. With treatment, most pain can be reduced easily.