Cardio Respiratory Fitness Evaluation

Resting and Stress Testing Protocols

Resting and stress testing protocols are available to evaluate function of the heart and lungs. These tests are done with equipment combinations that evaluate many physiologic variables. Both resting and exercise electrocardiograms are monitored using Medgraphics® Cardioperfect system. Breath-by-breath analysis of metabolic by products is completed using the Medgraphics® V02000 metabolic system and Breeze suite software. Results include metabolic rates and oxygen consumption. Blood pressure is monitored during testing by the Tango automated blood pressure monitoring system.

Resting Protocols


Stress Test Protocols

Both sub maximal and maximal exertion test protocols are available depending on the needs of the protocol and on the health/fitness/disease status of the participants. Tests are done on an arm or leg cycle or on a treadmill.

Six-Minute Walk

The six-minute walk is self-paced and is a measure of functional exercise capacity. This test measures the distance that a patient or participant can quickly walk on a flat, hard surface in a period of 6 minutes.