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Solid Tumor: Endocrine Tumors

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Cancers of the endocrine glands are very uncommon in children. Endocrine tumors affect endocrine organs, which are organs that secrete hormones that regulate many of the body’s functions.

The other, more rare, endocrine cancers affect:

Most endocrine tumors of childhood are benign or low-grade malignancies. A small percentage of gonadal and germ cell tumors, thyroid cancers, and adrenocortical tumors are high-grade malignancies. Malignant carcinomas of the parathyroids, the adrenal medulla, and the pancreas are very rare in children. Many of these tumors produce hormones. Measuring the blood levels of these hormones can be useful in the diagnosis and monitoring the effects of treatment.


Endocrine tumors represent about 4-5 percent of all cancers seen in children.

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