From Patient to Employee

Some St. Jude patients give back by coming back—working for the place that saved their lives.

Jackie Jerry: Empathy for others

Caring nurses and a strong faith led former patient Jackie Spencer to decide she wanted to work at St. Jude.

Joel Alsup: Redefining cancer

After helping the hospital as a guest speaker, intern and volunteer, former patient Joel Alsup was hired in the ALSAC Communications department.

Lindsey Wilkerson: Giving back

Once a St. Jude patient, Lindsey Wilkerson now "gives back" by working at ALSAC.

Mark Dickey: Offering hope

As a former St. Jude patient, Mark Dickey offers hope to current patients.

Scott Hinshelwood: It's all about attitude

As a former St. Jude patient, ALSAC employee Scott Hinshelwood knows firsthand what St. Jude patients are experiencing.

Tayde Cruz: Survivor with a smile

Former St. Jude patient Tayde Cruz made a conscious decision to come work at the place where she spent half of her childhood.