Hematology Department

Department of Hematology


Mitchell Weiss, MD, PhD

Departmental Focus

The Department of Hematology's mission is to provide outstanding clinical care, perform innovative research, and promote education, with a long-term goal of improving the lives of, and ultimately curing children with catastrophic non-malignant hematological diseases.

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Department of Hematology
MS 355, Room D3022D
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678

Email: mitchell.weiss@stjude.org
Phone: 901-595-2051
Fax: 901-595-4723

Preferred contact method: email

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Wilson K. Clements, PhD  Vascular/hematopoietic development and leukemia

Jeremie H. Estepp, MD  Hemostasis and thrombosis

Jane S. Hankins, MD, MS  Sickle cell disease, transfusional iron overload

Shannon McKinney-Freeman, PhD  ESC differentiation and HSC development

Arthur W. Nienhuis, MD  Genetic therapy of hematological diseases

Ulrike M. Reiss, MD  Bleeding disorders, thrombosis, bone marrow failure

Brian P. Sorrentino, MD  Gene therapy and hematopoietic stem cell biology

Winfred C. Wang, MD  Sickle cell disease

Mitchell J. Weiss, MD, PhD  Blood development and associated diseases