Patient Acceptance Policy


Note: If you are not a referring physician, please read our Eligibility Requirements.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital welcomes referrals of children and adolescents with newly diagnosed, untreated or suspected cancer; HIV infections; or certain hematologic or genetic diseases.  Patients are accepted based on the eligibility to enroll in an open St. Jude Children's Research Hospital clinical research protocol.

In addition, previously treated patients who have received treatment elsewhere may be accepted on an individual case basis when there is a potential for protocol eligibility on ongoing studies, relapse studies, bone marrow transplantation protocols or Phase I-II studies. Patients with genetic disorders, hematologic diseases, or HIV infection may be accepted anytime in their disease history based on protocol eligibility or potential to contribute to research projects.

Patients are enrolled on medical research studies (clinical trials) designed to provide the best available care while answering important research questions.

You can reach the physician referral line to discuss your patient by calling 1-866-278-5833. If your call is urgent, you may page us at 1-800-349-4334. If your call is not urgent, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

A physician may call if you have questions about difficult diagnostic or medical management cases. St. Jude provides formal consultations to treating physicians free of charge. However, for a formal consultation, you should send complete, detailed medical information to St. Jude. If you prefer, you can send us a detailed medical history, copies of relevant diagnostic imaging evaluations, and pathology/histological material; our multidisciplinary groups will discuss your patient's case and offer recommendations. (For a complete list of the required medical information, call 866-2STJUDE.) St. Jude does not bring patients to Memphis for consultation unless those patients are likely to be eligible for St. Jude protocols.

After the initial therapy has been completed, patients are typically managed in close collaboration with their private physicians. St. Jude experts in hematology, oncology, bone marrow transplantation, genetic diseases and infectious diseases are available at all times for consultation regarding possible side effects of therapy, signs of recurring disease, or other questions related to patient management on mutual patients on St. Jude clinical trials. Close contact with our patients' referring physician is important to us and necessary for our patients' safety. If you have patients on our studies and need to contact someone about them, please call 1-866-278-5833 and ask to speak to the St. Jude attending physician for your patient.

All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated without regard to the family's ability to pay. St. Jude covers all costs of treatment at St. Jude beyond those reimbursed by third-party insurers, and total costs at St. Jude when no insurance is available. St. Jude also provides assistance with transportation costs and local living expenses during treatments.