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    "Plumber" protein uses different tools to turn on genes

    St. Jude investigators have discovered how a single molecular "on switch" triggers gene activity that might cause effects ranging from learning and memory capabilities to glucose production in the liver.

    Genetic secrets hold promise for treating solid tumors

    A biochemical mechanism that cells use to cope with hypoxia (lack of oxygen) actually cooperates with a less well-known mechanism that helps increase the expression of those hypoxia-sensitive genes.

    Finding suggests new diabetes treatment

    Novel compounds that prevent a protein called TORC2 from moving from the cytoplasm and into the nuclei of liver cells might be able to reduce high blood sugar in people with diabetes.

    St. Jude study finds direct link between CBP gene and lymphoma

    Inactivation of the gene CBP in certain immature white blood cells of mice causes lymphoma, a type of cancer also found in humans. The cancer is accompanied by changes in the expression of specific genes associated with development of the disease.