Clinical Nutrition Out and About

Kay kafe health walk

Clinical Nutrition Services at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is committed to providing nutrition education throughout the institution. The department staff conducts nutrition classes and presentations for both patients and hospital/ALSAC staff.

2nd Annual Kay Kafé Tour De Food
March 18, 2013, Clinical Nutrition, The Living Well Program, and Food Services joined forces during the month of March to recognize National Nutrition Month. We hosted our 2nd Annual Kay Kafé Tour De Food! Our goal was to help staff learn the healthiest way to navigate through the excellent food offered by Food Services. We highlighted how to recognize the necessary macronutrients and choose accordingly.  View photos from the Kay Kafé Tour De Food

Nutrition and Exercise Presentation
On July 18, 2012 Clinical Nutrition and the Employee Wellness Committee joined forces to provide an hour long presentation on nutrition and exercise. Many of the St. Jude Olympic Team members attended, as did other St. Jude staff.

ALSAC Nutrition Seminar
June 27, 2012, several Clinical Nutrition staff members met with ALSAC employees to provide a mini-seminar on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Nearly 100 ALSAC employees attended and it was a lively group with many interesting questions and comments. Topics covered were Facts about Fad Diets, MyPlate Healthy Eating Plan, and Exercise and Nutrition.

Kay Kafé Health Walk
June 19, 2012 - The Power of Three—Clinical Nutrition Services, Food Services and the St. Jude Wellness group join forces to help staff learn how to navigate through the Kay Kafé and make the most of their food selections.  View photos from the Kay Kafé Health Walk

Patient Nutrition Classes
The Clinical Nutrition department provides weekly nutrition classes for patients at St. Jude to help them have a better understanding of their nutrition needs.  View photos from patient nutrition classes