REN321: Treatment of High Risk Renal Tumors


    Solid Tumor : Wilms tumor, renal tumor


    Participants in this research study have cancer of the kidney. Wilms tumor is the most common type of kidney cancer that affects children. Three other cancers, clear cell sarcoma, malignant rhabdoid tumor, and renal cell carcinoma also affect the kidney in children. The occurrence of these tumors is rare. These tumors are called high risk because they are likely to spread to other areas of the body and /or come back during or after treatment.

    The treatment for these tumors is dependent on the type of tumor and the stage (degree of severity or involvement) of the disease. This research study includes several treatment plans. Each plan is specific for the type tumor and stage of disease to be treated. Researchers will gather information concerning the ability of each to eliminate the disease and prevent it from returning. The tissue from these tumors will also be studied. By linking the information gathered from treating the disease with the features of the tumor tissue researchers hope to improve the outcomes for these patients.



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