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Borrowing Family Resource Center materials


May I borrow books from the Linda R. Hajar Family Resource Center?

Yes, you can borrow most of the books, DVDs and CDs in the Family Resource Center. All you need to do is check them out (see guidelines below). You can check out any item marked with one of these labels or pockets:

  • A printed label or barcode on a book’s spine or back cover; or
  • A card pocket on the inside back cover.

You also may notice some books, magazines, and other items without labels. You can borrow these items without going through the checkout process. Just return them to the Family Resource Center when you are through enjoying them.

How long may I borrow items from the Family Resource Center?

Labeled items checked out of the Family Resource Center can be borrowed for two weeks (14 calendar days). If you wish to keep an item longer, call the Family Resource Center at 901-595-4639 to see if the item can be renewed. You may keep it for another week if another family has not requested or reserved the item. Items can be renewed twice.

There is no overdue fee if books are kept past the due date. We know that sometimes it will not be convenient to bring the books back by the due date. We do ask that you return items when you can for the sake of other families who may need them.

I want to check out some materials. What should I do first?

If you have never checked out items from the Family Resource Center, the staff will ask you to complete a Patient Registration Card.

The information on this card will help staff members get to know you and your information needs. It also helps them know who has a certain book, DVD, or CD at any given time. The Family Resource Center staff will not share information about you or the items you borrow with anyone.

You only need to complete a Patient Registration Card the first time you borrow items from the Family Resource Center. If your contact information changes, please let us know so we can update our records.

How to complete the Patient Registration Card

Registration cards can be found at the checkout counter inside the Family Resource Center. Complete only the side of the card with the words “Patient Registration Card” at the top. You will need to know your child’s medical record number to complete the card and to check out books.

Please remember: You do not need to fill out a Patient Registration Card every time you check out materials from the Family Resource Center. You only need to complete the card one (1) time.

How do I check out materials when a Family Resource Center staff person is not on duty?

Checking out materials is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Remove the index-type card from the card pocket. This is found on the inside back cover of the book. The card contains the title and other details about the item you wish to borrow.
  2. Write your child’s medical record number on the “Name” line. Write the current day’s date on the “Date” line.
  3. Drop the card or cards into the box labeled “Book and Registration Card Drop Box.”

How many items may I check out?

You can have up to 10 items checked out at a time. Items that do not have a label or sticker do not count toward this limit. Sometimes more than one (1) family member will use the same medical record number. Please be sure that no more than 10 items are checked out using this number at any one (1) time.

Where may I return materials?

Please return materials to a staff member in the Family Resource Center. If a staff member is not present, use the Book and Registration Card Drop Box located next to the desk at the entrance. If you know that you will be leaving Memphis before the item is due back, please ask a Family Resource Center staff member for a postage-paid mailer.


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