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Daily bathing with Theraworx® cloths


Your child needs a bath every day to help protect against infection. A bath can help your child feel better. It also gives nurses the chance to check for skin changes before they cause problems.

Using Theraworx cloths every day is one of the best ways to prevent infection during a hospital stay.

The picture below shows a packet of Theraworx cloths.

Theraworx cloths

Theraworx is nontoxic, needs no rinsing, and is safe on all skin. Theraworx has rare side effects.

These cloths start protecting your child against infection right away, and their protection lasts a long time. It is important for your child to have a Theraworx bath every day while in the hospital.

When to use Theraworx cloths

  • Every day – instead of giving your child a bath or shower. If your child prefers a bath or shower, use Theraworx just after your child is fully dried from the bath or shower.
  • After your child has a bowel or bladder accident.
  • When you change your child’s diaper.
  • To clean around and tubing of a urinary catheter—a  thin tube placed in the bladder to drain urine. When your child has a urinary catheter, the staff will train you to use Theraworx cloths for catheter care every 12 hours and after each bowel movement (stooling). Cleaning with Theraworx cloths around the catheter area will help prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI).
  • To clean around small wounds or skin stitches, if you need to.

If your child has a larger wound, an open wound, or you are not sure a Theraworx cloth is OK to use, ask the nurse about cleaning that area.

Tips for using Theraworx cloths

  • It is important to use Theraworx cloths every day while your child is in the hospital, unless the doctor has told you not to use them. You might be asked not to use them if your child is receiving certain chemotherapy drugs or radiation therapy.
  • Use the cloths on your child’s skin from head to toe. Theraworx is safe to use on the face and genital area.
  • Do not rinse your child’s skin after using the Theraworx cloths. Theraworx needs to stay on your child’s skin to keep killing germs. Ask your child’s nurse before you put any lotions, creams, moisturizers, or deodorant on your child.
  • If your child takes a bath or shower, Theraworx cloths may be used right after the bath or shower as soon as the skin is dry.
  • Be sure to throw the cloths in the trash after use. Do not flush. 

How to give your child a bath with Theraworx cloths

Before you give your child a Theraworx bath, wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. Then, open the package of cloths.

For best results, bathe your child with Theraworx cloths every 12 to 24 hours. They are safe to use as often as needed.  You can use either side of the cloth. Use all 8 cloths for a full bath, including on and around the genitals and face. Allow the skin to air dry.

Where to use each of the 8 cloths

  1. Face, neck, chest, abdomen  (may use around central line if your child has one)
  2. Right arm and underarm
  3. Left arm and underarm
  4. Right leg
  5. Left leg
  6. Back 
  7. Buttocks
  8. Genital area (may use around catheter if your child has one). When your child has a urinary catheter, the genital area should be cleaned every 12 hours and every time your child has a bowel movement.


If you have questions or concerns about giving a bath with Theraworx cloths, talk to your child’s nurse.


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