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How to Program a Curlin® Pump


Cycled infusion TPN

  1. Turn on the pump, a series of screens will automatically appear (this is a self test).
  2. When self test is complete, PROGRAM will be highlighted. Press YES.
  3. Press down arrow key. Highlight NEW PROGRAM. Press YES.
  4. Press down arrow key to highlight TPN, then press YES.
  5. Alert screen: Press YES.
  6. DELAY: Press YES to select OFF.
  7. NEXT: Press YES.
  8. BAG VOL: Enter “Total Volume” listed on TPN bag. Press YES.
  9. Amt TBI: Enter “Total Volume” listed on TPN bag. Press YES. (This number will be the same number that you entered in step 6.)
  10. Inf RATE: Press down arrow key to bypass.
  11. UP RAMP: Enter 1:00, press YES.
  12. DN Ramp: Enter 1:00, press YES.
  13. TOT TIME: Enter total infusion time __________. Press YES.
  14. Inf RATE is flashing. Press YES, then press YES key multiple times until KVO RATE is highlighted.
  15. KVO RATE: Enter 4, then press YES.
  16. DONE: Press YES to accept.
  17. RUN to START: Press RUN to begin infusion.


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