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Your child’s Trach To-Go Bag


The Trach To-Go Bag contains everything you need to care for your child’s trach when you are not at home. Always have the bag ready, with all the supplies you need. It should be with your child at all times, even when you are at the hospital. For example, do not leave the bag in the car unless your child is also in the car. If your child goes to a friend’s house, the store, or anywhere else, the bag should be with your child.

It is a good idea to check the Trach To-Go bag every time you get home, and replace any supplies you used. This makes sure you are always ready to go places safely with your child.

What goes in my child’s Trach To-Go Bag?

The list below tells you what items go in your child’s Trach To-Go Bag. The numbers on the list match the items shown in the pictures.

  1. Portable suction machine – Make sure this is always fully charged
  2. Ambu bag with trach adapter and facemask
  3. Sterile suction catheters the right size for your child’s trach_______
  4. Sterile gloves in all sizes_______
  5. Sterile trach tube, the same size and type as your child wears, and one (1) MRI-safe sterile trach tube of the same size and type   Size _______
  6. Sterile trach tube, half (1/2) a size smaller than the trach your child wears, but the same type. One (1) MRI-safe sterile trach tube half (1/2) a size smaller Size_______
  7. New trach ties, at least one (1) set 
  8. Trach tube cleaning kit
  9. Sterile water
Trach To-Go Bag supplies
Trach To-Go Bag supplies

You also need the items listed below. They are not in the pictures, but you still need them.

  • Sterile saline
  • Scissors
  • Sample trach tie
  • Sterile saline wipes
  • 2 x 2 gauze
  • Rolled towel or small blanket
  • Cuff inflation syringes – If your child has an air-cuffed trach
  • Two 10 ml slip tip syringes – If your child has a water-cuffed trach
  • If your child needs oxygen:
    • Full oxygen tank
    • Trach adapter for oxygen tank
    • Oximeter (tool to measure your child’s oxygen level)

If you are traveling by plane

You can get oxygen for your child on a plane flight. But you need to plan this as early as possible before your trip. The St. Jude Travel Office can help arrange for your child’s oxygen needs on the plane and during any layovers (airport stops) on your trip. Please tell the St. Jude Travel Office as soon as you can if your child might need oxygen during travel.

You also need a “letter of medical necessity” from your child’s doctor. The letter will say that your child has a medical need for oxygen and medical devices during your trip.


If you have questions or concerns about your child’s Trach To-Go Bag, talk to your child’s clinical nurse specialist.


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