An invitation to join the E-Council from the parent chair of the St. Jude Family Advisory Council


Hello Fellow St. Jude Parent and caregivers,

I would love for you to get more involved in our family-centered care efforts.

One easy way is to give your feedback through our E-Council.

Being a member of the E-Council allows you to be a part of the advisory council without a long-term time commitment. You can still provide vital feedback on many FCC projects without attending any meetings.

All you have to do is complete the online surveys that you have time to complete. We usually send no more than two surveys a month. If you can't complete one, there is no pressure to do so, and typically, there is no rush.

We also have online discussions about how to provide the best quality and safest care for all St. Jude patients including your child. Sharing your ideas helps the St. Jude staff partner with you to provide the best care.

Current and former adult patients are welcome to join as well.

Your responses will help us advance our mission of ensuring dignity, communication, and respectful partnerships with St. Jude families. As a member of the FCC E-Council, you will be part of a community of patent family advisers who interact with the larger Family Advisory Council through email.

If you would like to help by giving your feedback, please take a look at the attached brochure to learn more.

We look forward to you joining the E-Council because every family’s input is important to us.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you to further improve patient family-centered care at St. Jude.


Debbie Higgins
Parent Chair of the St. Jude Family Advisory Council