The St. Jude LIFE & After Completion of Therapy Clinic Presented by Kmart Parent Information

The St. Jude LIFE & After Completion of Therapy Clinic Presented by Kmart (ACT Clinic) Parent Information is for long-term survivors of childhood cancer who have been treated at St. Jude. The goal of the clinic is to help survivors stay healthy.

The ACT Clinic opened in 1984. It was formed to address the medical, mental, and social needs of childhood cancer survivors. Patients may be moved to the clinic if they are in remission (cancer free) five years after being diagnosed and at least two years after therapy is complete.

During checkups, ACT staff members talk to patients about their progress. They also check for problems that can happen after cancer treatment. These problems are called late effects. Some cancer survivors may have trouble with growth, heart function, fertility, and thyroid function. Most St. Jude long-term survivors do not have serious late effects. Even so, it is important to check for these problems early.

The ACT Clinic staff talks to survivors about ways to lower their risk for second cancers and how to detect common cancers at an early stage. The staff can even help with school or work problems that may result from late effects.

ACT patients come to St. Jude for checkups one (1) time a year until they are 18 years old or until they have been off therapy for 10 years, whichever comes later. At that time, ACT patients graduate and become St. Jude alumni. Hospital staff will still contact St. Jude alumni every year to see how they are doing and to find out if they have any late effects of cancer treatment.

To talk to someone in the ACT Clinic, call (901) 595-4680. If you are inside the hospital, dial 4680. If you are outside the Memphis area, call toll-free 1-866-2STJUDE (1-866-278-5833), extension 4680.