Consultation Visit

Your child must be eligible for a treatment protocol before he or she can be accepted as a stem cell transplant candidate. Referrals are accepted from physicians only. After discussions between the St. Jude physician and referring physician, your child will be scheduled for an initial consultation visit to verify whether he or she is eligible to enroll in a clinical trial.

Before that meeting, the transplant coordinator will arrange for your child’s medical record, radiographs and other imaging records and pathology slides to be sent to St. Jude. During the visit, you and your child will meet with the transplant coordinator and a transplant physician to discuss the stem cell transplant process and any specific protocols for which your child may be eligible. At that time, blood may be drawn. The decision to take a blood sample will be based on your child’s condition, prior therapy and protocol requirements.

After the initial consultation, eligible patients are offered the opportunity to enroll on an institutional protocol. If the patient is not eligible for enrollment, he or she is referred back to the original physician for treatment.