Diagnostic Requirements Specific to Stem Cell Transplant at St. Jude

A patient who has received previous treatment for his or her disease can still be eligible for enrollment on a St. Jude stem cell transplant study. However, the diagnosis must be clearly established and the patient’s disease must be one that is currently treated at St. Jude.

In general, the patient should be between birth and 21 years of age to be eligible for treatment. However, some exceptions to the age requirement may exist for certain research protocols and the referring physician should contact St. Jude for specific information about stem cell transplant protocols.

St. Jude requires that a St. Jude physician review the patient’s diagnostic material before a patient can be considered for admission. Final acceptance occurs when the patient is deemed eligible and is enrolled on a specific protocol. St. Jude reserves the right to refer any patients who do not meet the eligibility criteria back to their initial physician. The Clinical Director of the Transplant Service or the Chief Medical Officer will determine the patient’s eligibility.

See our referral section for general eligibility requirements.