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Requirements for Programs with Religious Content

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a not-for-profit private hospital devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of catastrophic diseases in children. St. Jude and its housing facilities are comprised of patients, families and staff from around the world and therefore, recognizes all the world’s major religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

No program offered may be specific to any one religion, in any manner attempt to convert, save, proselytize or persuade any child, family members or staff person to a particular religious belief, a different religion or any denomination of Christianity. Any attempts to do so will result in that person and their group being asked to leave the institution.

Program content should be designed to express the love of God to all children regardless of race, sex, or religion. The program must not attempt to declare or prove the significance of one religion or set of beliefs over another. The content of the program should not include the name of a specific religious deity. The use of the term “God” is acceptable.

St. Jude affirms that faith and medicine go together. Any attempt by any person or group of persons to offer “faith healing,” separated from medicine, to our patients will result in the person or group being asked to leave the institution.

The origin of nearly all childhood cancer is unknown. Cancer is not given to the child or placed upon the family as a deliberate act of God nor as a consequence of anything the child or family has done. Your program content and actions toward the children and their families should reflect this fact.

No person or group of persons may bring books, tapes, CDs or any other item to sell our patients, families or staff.

You may not pass out religious literature, tracts, Bibles, tapes, CDs or any other written materials to the children. You may, however place appropriate gift items on a table we will provide for you. The Department of Spiritual Services will determine what gifts are appropriate.

Any musical equipment, tape players, keyboards, microphones, props, etc., must be supplied by the person or group providing the event.