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Including Siblings in What Happens at the Hospital

When your child or teen is a patient at St. Jude, there are many chances for him to take part in playroom activities and special events. If siblings of patients are present, they can join in and feel a part of what is happening with their brother or sister.

It is easier for some families to include siblings in what happens at the hospital if the siblings are at St. Jude. When they are not, parents or caregivers might need more help keeping the patient and his siblings in touch with each other. St. Jude can help the patient stay close to his brothers and sisters, even if they are far away. Child life specialists, nurses, social workers, and other staff can share resources to help families stay close.

See the links to the left for ideas for parents and other caregivers, and for tips to help families stay close. If you have questions or concerns, you can talk to a St. Jude child life specialist.