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St. Jude Life Evaluation

The St. Jude Life evaluation includes a basic physical exam and functional assessment. Additional tests are conducted on the basis of the specific cancer treatment received. These may include tests of hearing, vision, heart and lung function, or diagnostic tests such as x-rays exams or scans.

St. Jude Life Evaluation

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1. Health Exam

Health exam

Health exams are used to check for conditions related to specific treatments for childhood cancer.

2. Walking Test


You will be asked to walk for six minutes, and we will record how far you walk.

3. Daily Activity Test

Putting on a jacket

We will check to see how you do on daily activities, like putting on a jacket.

4. Hand and Feet Test

Hands test

We will test the feeling in your hands and feet.

5. Flexibility Test

Flexibility test

We will check to see how flexible you are.

6. Heart Rhythm Test

Heart rhythm test

We will evaluate your heart rhythm with a 12-lead electrocardiogram.

7. Hearing Test

Hearing test

We will test your hearing.

8. Lung Test

Lung test

We will check your lung capacity.