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Keeping up to Speed on Day-to-Day Work

If you struggle to …

… keep up with a fast rate of information:

  • Relax. Take a few deep breaths before you start a task.
  • Get rid of things that get your thoughts off track. For example, clean your desk of the materials you used for one task before you start something else.
  • Break the task down into smaller tasks that you can complete in shorter amounts of time.
  • Focus on one piece of information at a time.

… complete more complex tasks on time:

  • Begin the task long before the deadline.
  • Allow extra time to complete tasks.
  • Allow extra time to decide things.
  • Break large tasks into smaller tasks or steps. Think about and complete one part at a time.

Other Strategies

  • Keep track of how much time you spend on homework. Make more time for your work if you need to.
  • Repeat directions or information back to the person speaking to you.
  • Repeat information to yourself.
  • Use written lists of materials and directions.
  • Question any directions, explanations and instructions you do not understand. Ask for clarification.
  • Take notes in an outline form. Highlight important facts.
  • Tape-record directions or information for review at a later time.

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