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Yuvanesh Vedaraju, MS

Yuvanesh Vedaraju, MS

  • Statistical Analyst, Global Analytics Unit


Prior to joining GPM, Yuvanesh worked as Data Scientist for a drug rescue and drug repurposing oncology biotech company. In this role, he used machine learning and statistics to build predictive models for patient stratification and biomarker identification for cancer drugs. Yuvanesh predominantly worked in genomics data from cell lines and patients. He led data acquisition of genomics data from sequencing providers and created data management solutions using cloud. Yuvanesh also worked in clinical trial data analysis projects to analyze the relationship between a patient’s clinical data and genomics data.

His previous experience also included time as Data Analyst for a health insurance company developing scripts for cleaning and correcting data from Health Insurance Marketplace. He developed software programs for claims adjudication, claims payments and premium bills. He worked with Big Data Analytics vendors on data extraction projects and securely extracted and transformed EHR data from multiple databases.

Yuvanesh completed his Master of Science in Information Systems at University of Texas at Dallas. In his free time, Yuvanesh does fundraising to support pet rescues.