Make a donation in honor of someone

From birthdays to Christmas, there are many occasions to donate on behalf of someone special in your life while supporting the kids of St. Jude.

Make a Donation


Send a personalized card

When you make a donation, you can select a recipient to be notified of your gift. We'll send them an e-card or mail card.


Use a printable donation form to make a gift

Print out our donation form, fill out the relevant information and mail it to St. Jude.


Occasions to dedicate a donation:


Holidays to dedicate a donation:


Give monthly and make a lasting impact

  1. Could help provide one patient with a new toy.* 

    Donate $15/mo

  2. Could help provide one patient with rehabilitation weights.*

    Donate $25/mo

  3. Could help provide 12 IVs to St. Jude patients.*

    Donate $50/mo


Fundraise on Facebook

Icon representing a team of people, symbolizing how to donate on behalf of someone on facebook

Donate to someone's Facebook fundraiser

Icon representing a person with a raised hand to depict how to make a donation in someone name on facebook

Start a fundraiser on Facebook and invite friends to donate.