My St. Jude patient portal

About My St. Jude

My St. Jude is an online site where you can view, but not change, parts of your (your child’s) medical health record.


My St. Jude is a secure website. Your (your child’s) information is protected.

View medical record

At My St. Jude, you can view your (your child’s): schedule, selected lab results, allergies, personal information, and a problem list.

View schedule and request schedule changes

At My St. Jude, you can view upcoming appointments and send requests to the St. Jude scheduler to set, change, or cancel appointments.

Update personal information

My St. Jude allows you to see your (your child’s) personal information such as address, phone number, and insurance. You can send a request to the Patient Registration staff to update this information.


You are not required to sign up for My St. Jude. Your (your child’s) treatment will not be affected if you choose not to take part.

Who can sign up?

How to sign up

Sign up by filling out the form in this brochure. Tear off the form and hand it to your Patient Representative or place it in one of the My St. Jude boxes located in the clinic area or the Linda R. Hajar Family Resource Center. Or mail the form to the following address: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, ACU Administration, Mailstop 103A, 262 Danny Thomas Place, Memphis, TN 38105.

If you have more than one child as a patient, a separate form is required for each patient.

Creating an account

Within 5 business days you should receive an email invitation. Follow the steps in the email invitation and you’re on your way to using My St. Jude.

Sharing your account

When you share information from My St. Jude with another person, you are accepting responsibility for giving that person access to what could be sensitive information.


You need to understand that My St. Jude should never be used for urgent matters. The St. Jude staff will answer your messages as soon as reasonably possible during standard St. Jude business hours. For all urgent matters that you believe may affect your (your child’s) health or well-being, you should, without delay, contact St. Jude by phone or go to the nearest hospital emergency department or dial 911.

Help with My St. Jude

Go to My St. Jude Patient Portal

Print the brochure / application form