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How to set up a charity livestream using Tiltify on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube


Game for charity in 9 steps: 

  1. Create or sign in to your Tiltify account:
    (You can also use the St. Jude Tiltify URL:

  2. Search for the charity you want to support.
    (You can register for St. Jude PLAY LIVE directly at:

  3. The platform lets you choose to support an event already happening for your selected charity, or it lets you register as an individual and support your charity directly. 

  4. Enter the requested information. 

  5.  Create and publish your campaign!
    (You may have to confirm your account via your email before publishing.) 

  6. In your campaign's Dashboard, there are links where you can copy your campaign URL for sharing and your donate URL to put the donate button onto your Twitch page. 

  7. Stream your game on a site like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

  8. Share with your followers and on social media. 

  9. Raise funds for your charity! 

Read more about St. Jude PLAY LIVE or other ways to give