Episode 3 Bonus

They’re in outer space right now, and I’m in bed

In this bonus episode, we’ll hear from Jake Rogal.  He’s one of the producers for the TIME/Netflix docuseries “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space.” Jake has been with Dr. Sian Proctor, Chris Sembroski, Jared Isaacman and Hayley Arceneaux throughout their months of training.  He’ll talk about the technical challenges of filming in zero gravity and fighter jets, and the personal connections he’s made with the crew members Jake was also a producer on the ESPN/Netflix docuseries “The Last Dance,” about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.


They’re in outer space right now, and I’m in bed

The crew members of Inspiration4 spent months training for their orbital mission. They experienced zero gravity, strapped into fighter jets and hiked up the side of a mountain. But they didn’t do those things alone. Camera crews followed them, recording footage for the Netflix documentary series “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space.” In this bonus episode of our podcast, we’ll talk with Jake Rogal, one of the producers for that documentary series. Before this project, he produced documentaries about professional wrestlers and the 2016 presidential election. He was also a producer for “The Last Dance,” a Netflix documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

On his interest in space exploration before this mission

“Zero. I didn’t know anything about space. So I’ve been learning on the job. But I had no interest in space, not because it’s not interesting. I never was around it. I never was around people who were into Star Wars and Star Trek. So this is all brand new to me, which is fun. And now I’m interested in it. But leading up to this, I had never heard of 95% of these terms, and I had never thought about space more than probably ten times in my whole life.”

On the technical challenges of filming in zero gravity

“Our poor camera guy. One of the rules was, if you’re feeling sick stay focused on one point in the airplane. So lie on your back and look at the ceiling, and eventually the nausea should go away. But our camera guy had to shoot the whole thing. So he had to look down at his camera. And everyone’s getting off the flight and high-fiving, and what a life-changing experience. And I see our camera guy get off, and he’s green.”

On the ways that getting to know the Inspiration4 crew has changed him

“Hayley’s strength and her resilience has changed me. For what she’s gone through, a lot of people could be bitter. I don’t know if I would be able to be as positive about everything as she is. It makes me see things a little differently. And being around the other three, just: not being afraid to try things. These are four people who’ve never been to space. And they’re so excited and positive and grateful of the experience. It makes you realize you can push yourself a little more.”


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