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St. Jude gave me watercolor talent before I'd picked up a brush

Old scrapbook from time at St. Jude rekindles cancer survivor’s love of art.


What cancer gave us

Psychotherapist and St. Jude mom writes about how cancer has changed her family and the way she sees the world.


Amid our family’s loss, my purpose in life became clear

Bennett’s Bash brings together a community in memory of beloved nephew.


Minecraft with Miguel: A video stream of my St. Jude story

Bone cancer survivor Miguel takes us through his St. Jude housing and treatment experience from the ground up using Minecraft.


St. Jude gave me summertime back to savor

Even though this year is a little different, family has always been at my center.


I stream video games for a living and help raise millions for St. Jude. Here’s why both matter.

Through organizing gaming’s biggest charity event and connecting with my own community on Twitch, I’ve seen how a group of content creators can support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude.


Missouri volunteer celebrates "80 years of livin’, 50 years of givin'" to St. Jude

Nancy Caldwell explains her lifetime of devotion to a specialty children's research hospital she's never needed, but loves just the same.


The unexpected joy of a first Father's Day

Just a few months ago, Khurram, a first-time father, was grappling with a terrible prognosis. Not for him, but worse: for his infant girl. Though he and his wife are both medical doctors, there was nothing they could do to save their baby. Then came a chance for a cure.


Our St. Jude journey then reminds us to be grateful – and careful - today

For Turner Simkins and his wife, Tara, their son Brennan has always been one fifth of their love, yet all of it, too, inextricably linked with their other two boys, the band of brothers, and with them. He’s the quiet son and the one who changed their lives.


From St. Jude patient to St. Jude supporter

A diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma at age 12 could have put Philip Aiken on the bench for good. But as he explains, his determination to run back into life helped him discover a new strength through purpose.


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Having a child diagnosed with cancer changes everything, from a family’s day-to-day life to a survivors’ world view. This blog reflects the unique viewpoints of current patients, their parents and other family members, childhood cancer survivors and the donors and event participants who support our mission to end childhood cancer.