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Zoe: A Letter to My Mom on the Day of My Diagnosis

Just after Zoe was diagnosed with a brain tumor six years ago, her mom, Jessica, took the family out for pancakes with sprinkles. Now a young woman herself, Zoe, 21, realizes the strength that took. In an open letter to her mom, Zoe reaches across the years to provide comfort to her mom, and a little advice.


Fond and far-reaching memories of St. Jude

Michelle's earliest memories are of her time spent in treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma at St. Jude. It's where she encountered kindness, compassion and charity — all traits that help her in her job today as a hospice social worker.


Saluting St. Jude graduates, who have so much to teach us all

After surviving childhood cancer, these kids know a lot about putting life's challenges - including the pandemic - into context.


At St. Jude, I found a community of moms full of courage, strength and most of all, hope

Anh Sundstrom began supporting St. Jude while in college in California. As a new mother, she gained insight into the struggles of moms dealing with a child's cancer diagnosis, and all mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Fifteen years ago, D’Anna and her baby flew to St. Jude as Katrina evacuees

Mason was a preemie with liver cancer. D’Anna was a young mother at the beginning of college. She opens up about their life since, and the parallels she sees between the devastating hurricane and COVID-19 pandemic.


Honoring St. Jude Moms

In praise of moms, the unsung heroes of St. Jude. They’ve been preparing their kids for the unexpected all along.


Patient mom: practice makes perfect when it comes to positivity

Kanika doesn't claim to be an expert on staying positive, but as a patient mom she's had a lot of practice. She shares some of her experience at keeping her head up during challenging times like those we face with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kick by soccer kick, turning my purpose into action for St. Jude

Juggling, in the soccer sense, is a simple skill to learn but a hard one to master. St. Jude supporter Hollis Belger has not only mastered it, kicking her way to a personal best 4,202 consecutive juggles, she has turned her soccer passion into a much bigger purpose: helping the children at St. Jude. She has raised raised $420,000 and counting.


No cap or gown, but ready for tomorrow just the same

The year Madison started college, a cancer diagnosis threatened to derail her educational dreams. Four years later, the St. Jude patient is ready to graduate. Madison, like so many seniors, will not get to experience the pomp and circumstance of commencement because of COVID-19.


We're thankful we can still see mom - even if it's only through a window

Taylor Johnson, a regional manager for ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude, reflects on how a nursing home worked to keep her family connected to her mother during the COVID-19 lockdown.


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Having a child diagnosed with cancer changes everything, from a family’s day-to-day life to a survivors’ world view. This blog reflects the unique viewpoints of current patients, their parents and other family members, childhood cancer survivors and the donors and event participants who support our mission to end childhood cancer.