Women Who Inspire: Maggie Cupit-Link, MD

Maggie Cupit-Link’s journey from St. Jude patient to St. Jude doctor gives hope to patients.

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Women who Inspire: Maggie Cupit-Link, MD

For Maggie Cupit-Link, the world was just starting to open up.

Leaving her small town behind, she started classes at Rhodes College in Memphis and gained a summer research job at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. No small feat for a first-year college student. 

Shockingly, on what would have been her first day as a researcher, Maggie entered the St. Jude campus as a patient diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma. Heartbroken, but not defeated, she found that the challenges and adversity that took so much also provided purpose.

Women who Inspire: Maggie Cupit-Link, MD

After finishing treatment at St. Jude, Maggie returned to college and completed medical school. Armed with a new calling and greater understanding, she now works as an oncology fellow at St. Jude and is eager to give back. 

“I wanted to be a doctor for the kids who inspired me so much,” she said.

She and her husband just had their first child, a girl named Lisla Jude. 


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