Moms Know Best: Emmanuel’s mom, Regina

Never discount your child’s dreams, even if there are seemingly insurmountable obstacles standing in their way.

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Moms Know Best: St. Jude patient Emmanuel and his mom, Regina

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When Regina learned her son’s eye needed to be removed to stop the spread of eye cancer, she grieved. The night before Emmanuel’s surgery at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, she paced outside his hospital room, troubled by thoughts of a harder life for her 4-year-old. 

But two days after the surgery, he was running down the hallways of St. Jude

Although worried he might bump into something, Regina realized, “I can’t let my fears hold him back.”

So, she decided to let him run.  

Regina worried kids might bully Emmanuel, so a St. Jude child life specialist went to Emmanuel’s school.

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“They explained that Emmanuel’s eye was sick and had to come out and the kids were all understanding and accepting,” said Regina. “It helped Emmanuel to realize he was OK and that he was just different, but he was still the same.” 

When Emmanuel decided to play football, Regina worried the other players would take advantage of his blind spot and he would get hurt. 

She let him play anyway. Before graduating high school in 2022, he received football scholarship offers from 18 colleges.  

“Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your child reaching his greatest potential,” said Regina. “If I was fearful for Emmanuel, he wouldn’t be the person he is today.”

You’ve got to let your child walk on their own, Regina knows, and sometimes you’ve got to let them run. 

Read more about Emmanuel's football career here.

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