Moms Know Best: Adalyn’s mom, Lorena

Adalyn’s mom savors every moment because you don’t know what’s in the future.

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Moms Know Best: Adalyn’s mom Lorena

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Having a big family was always a dream for Lorena. 

“However, having four children in my life has been quite an adventure and a great joy,” Lorena said with laughter. 

Three of them are boys. Adalyn is the “princess of the house.”

Lorena says she has a very close relationship with her. 

From time to time, mother and daughter escape to a Mexican restaurant, their favorite, to spend time alone. 

Their relationship has been strengthened through highs and lows.

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Adalyn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was in kindergarten. The girl was referred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Lorena was always by her side. 

“Even though it was just her and me in the hospital, the nurses were always attentive to our needs and I didn’t feel alone,” she said. In addition, her sons used to play video games remotely with Adalyn while she was hospitalized. They also shaved their heads when Adalyn lost her hair.  

Now, Adalyn is back home. She is a cheerful and spontaneous 7-year-old who is in second grade.

“She has become the girl she always was who brightens up any place with her presence,” her mother said. 

Lorena also has a piece of advice for mothers who go through difficult situations: Never lose faith and take advantage of the present.

“No matter how busy one is, you have to take some quality time to be with them,” she said, “because they deserve everything, and we never know what will happen next.”

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