St. Jude dad, Amit, making the most of a second chance

Amit is embracing every moment of fatherhood with Bella.

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Amit is embracing every moment of fatherhood with St. Jude patrient, Bella.

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Amit remembers life in India before his youngest child, Bella, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

He had four car spa businesses in different cities that got most of his attention. His wife often reminded him to slow down and to spend time with his two young children. The first year of Bella’s life, Amit recalled traveling a lot which prevented him from being there for many of Bella’s developmental milestones.  

St. Jude patient Bella

Then Bella got sick and was given a poor prognosis after undergoing brain surgery in India. Amit realized he couldn’t get back the time he had missed with Bella.

‘There was little hope of any good news, and I started regretting that time about not spending more time with her,” he recalled. “This feeling was killing me inside and I asked for a second chance from my God.”  

Bella’s medical tests were sent to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where doctors found that Bella had anaplastic ependymoma, a more promising diagnosis. Bella was referred to St. Jude for treatment. At St. Jude, Bella’s treatment included proton therapy and chemotherapy.

Bella finished treatment and went home where she plays sports and has performed in plays at a local theater. She returns to St. Jude for checkups. 

Amit is making the most of his second chance with Bella. He works from home whenever possible. Every night he reads Bella two bedtime stories. They also quiz each other on questions that require unpredictable and humorous answers.

St. Jude patient Bella

“Bella and I have a special bond and she understands everything about me,” he said. “At times she takes undue advantage of my love and possessiveness, but that's fine, and I enjoy that.” 

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