Sabrin Albeituni, PhD

Sabrin Albeituni, PhD

  • Department of Cancer Predisposition Postdoctoral Fellow




BS - Birzeit University, West Bank, the Palestinian Territories
MS - University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
PhD - University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Honors & Awards

  • 2015  American Association of Immunologists Trainee Abstract Award
  • 2014  Condict Moore Graduate Student Research Award -First Place - James Graham Brown Cancer Center Annual Research Retreat
  • 2013  Michael K. Tanner Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Sciences - University of Louisville
  • 2010-2012  Fulbright Scholarship

Research Interests

I am interested in studying the regulation of T cell responses by myeloid cells during inflammation. By studying immune cell responses in different models of infection and cancer, my goal is to find potential and novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. 

Selected Publications

Albeituni SH, Ding C, Liu M, Hu X, Luo F, Kloecker G, Bousamra M 2nd, Zhang HG, Yan J. Yeast-Derived Particulate b-Glucan Treatment Subverts the Suppression of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSC) by Inducing Polymorphonuclear MDSC apoptosis and Monocytic MDSC Differentiation to APC in Cancer. J Immunol 196(5):2167-80, 2016. PMID:26810222.

Yaddanapudi K, Rendon B, Lamont G, Kim EJ, Al Rayyan N, Richie J, Albeituni S, Waigel S, Wise A, Mitchell R. MIF is necessary for late-stage melanoma patient MDSC immune suppression and differentiation. Cancer Immunol Res 4(2):101-12, 2016. PMID: 26603621.

Liu M, Luo F, Ding C, Albeituni S, Hu X, Ma Y, Cai Y, McNally L, Sanders MA, JainD, Kloecker G, Bousamra M 2nd, Zhang H, Higashi RM, Lane A, Fan TM, Yan J. Dectin-1 Activation by a Natural Product β-Glucan Converts Immunosuppressive Macrophages into an M1-like Phenotype with Tumoricidal Activity. J Immunol 195(10):5055-65, 2015. PMID:26453753.

Hudson SV, Huang JS, Yin W, Albeituni S, Rush J, Khanal A, Yan J, Ceresa BP, Frieboes HB, McNally LR. Targeted noninvasive imaging of EGFR-expressing orthotopic pancreatic cancer using multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Cancer Res 74:6271-9, 2014. PMID:25217521.

Albeituni SH, Yan J. The effects of beta-glucans on dendritic cells and implications for cancer therapy. Anti-cancer Agents Med Chem 13:689-98, 2013. PMID:23092290.

Albeituni SH, Ding C, Yan J. Hampering immune suppressors: therapeutic targeting of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in cancer. Cancer J 19:490-501, 2013. PMID:24270348.

Last update: April 2016