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David J. Solecki, PhD
David J. Solecki, PhD


BS – Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY (1992)
PhD (Molecular and Cellular Biology) – SUNY at Stony Brook, NY (1999)

Research Interests

  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating neuronal motility
  • The interplay between neuronal differentiation and neuronal polarity signaling
  • The centrosome as a focal point to coordinate cellular polarity
  • Time-lapse microscopy as a tool to unlock the cell biology of neural development
  • Cerebellar development

Selected Publications

Kullman, JA, Trivedi N, Howell D, Laumonnerie C, Nguyen V, Bannerjee S, Stabley D, Shirinifard A, Rowitch D and Solecki DJ. Neuronal polarization and germinal zone exit is inhibited by a Hif1α pathway and oxygen tension dependent developmental switch. Neuron, May 20;106(4):607-623 Previewed by Goldowitz D. (2020) Oxygen Sensing Comes to the Development of the Cerebellum, Neuron, May 20;106(4):554-555,2020.

Hoffman DP, Shtengel G, Campbell K, Milkie DE, Pasolli A, Iyer N, Bohovic JA, Pang S, Xu S, Peale D, Stabley D, Shrinifard A, Freeman M, Schaefer K, Kirchhausen T, Solecki DJ, Betzig E and Hess H. Correlative three-dimensional super-resolution and block face electron microscopy of whole vitreously frozen cells. Science, 17;367(6475), 2020 Evaluated by Faculty of 1000

Ziabari A, Rose DC, Eicholtz MR, Solecki DJ, Shirinifard A. A 2.5D YOLO-Based Fusion Algorithm For 3D Localization Of Cells. Proceedings of the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers. Peer reviewed conference paper, 2019.

Wu CC, Hou S, Orr BA, Kuo BR, Youn YH, Ong T, Roth F, Eberhart CG, Robinson GW, Solecki DJ, Taketo MM, Gilbertson RJ, Roussel MF, Han YG. mTORC1-Mediated Inhibition of 4EBP1 Is Essential for Hedgehog Signaling-Driven Translation and Medulloblastoma. Dev Cell. Dec 18;43(6):673-688, 2017

Trivedi N, Stabley D, Cain B, Howell D, Ramahi JS, Laumonnerie C, Kerekes RA, Gordon-Weeks P and Solecki DJ. Drebrin mediated microtubule-actomyosin coupling steers two-stroke nucleokinesis and migration pathway selection in cerebellar granule neurons. Nature Communications, 23;8:14484, 2017 

Campos Y, Qiu X, Gomero Y, Wakefield R, Horner L, Brutkowski W, Han YG, Solecki D, Frase S, Bongiovanni A and d’Azzo A. Alix-mediated assembly of the actomyosin-tight junction polarity complex preserves epithelial polarity and epithelial barrier.  Nature Communications, 7:11876, 2016.

Singh S, Howell D. Trivedi N, Kessler K, Ong T, Rosemaninho P.  Raposo A, Robinson G. Roussel M, Castro D and Solecki DJ. Zeb1 controls neuron differentiation and germinal zone exit by a mesenchymal epithelial- like transition. eLife, 23;8:14484, 2016

Lindsey JC, Kawauchi D, Schwalbe EC, Solecki DJ, Selby MP, McKinnon PJ, Olson JM, Hayden JT, Grundy RG, Ellison DW, Williamson D, Bailey S, Roussel MF, Clifford SC. Cross-species epigenetics identifies a critical role for VAV1 in SHH subgroup medulloblastoma maintenance. Oncogene (36):4746-57, 2015. PMID: 25531316

Trivedi N, Ramahi JS, Karakaya M, Howell D, Kerekes RA, Solecki DJ. Leading-process actomyosin coordinates organelle positioning and adhesion receptor dynamics in radially migrating cerebellar granule neurons. Neural Dev. Dec 2; 9:26, 2014 PMID: 25467954

Zhu G, Chow LML, Bayazitov IT, Tong Y, Gilbertson RJ, Zakharenko SS, Solecki DJ, and Baker SJ. Pten deletion causes mTorc1-dependent ectopic neuroblast differentiation without causing uniform migration defects. Development 139(18):3422-31, 2012. PMID: 22874917

Famulski J, Trivedi N, Howell D, Yang Y, Tong Y, Gilbertson R, Solecki DJ. Siah regulation of Pard3A controls neuronal cell adhesion during germinal zone exit.  Science 330(6012):1834-8, 2010. PMID: 21109632. Evaluated by Faculty of 1000

Solecki, DJ+, Trivedi, N, Govek, E, Kerekes, R.  Gleason, S, and Hatten, ME.  Myosin II motors and f-actin dynamics drive the coordinated translocation of the centrosome and soma during CNS glial-guided neuronal migration. Neuron 63(1):63-80, 2009. PMID: 19607793 +Corresponding Author Evaluated by Faculty of 1000

Last update: July 2020