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Nadya Sullivan Viñas, MPH

Nadya Sullivan Viñas, MPH

  • Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Operations


Nadya is a clinical research associate for the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Nadya started as an intern and researcher at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in integrative biology, she completed a master’s in public health and epidemiology in 2019. During her master’s degree, she worked in the Department of Public Health and Prevention at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, creating a program to enhance the health of women, infants and families by reviewing individual fetal and infant health cases.

Nadya is currently completing her Ph.D. in Public Health and Epidemiology. Working with and for children has always been essential to her professional and academic career and joining the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine at St. Jude has been a breakthrough. She looks forward to learning, growing and developing to become an agent of positive change.