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Daniel Savic, PhD
Daniel Savic, PhD


PhD – The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (2012)

Research Interests

My primary research focus involves studying genome function and gene regulation in the context of pediatric leukemia in order to address a fundamental and critical question: how does the noncoding portion of the human genome impact chemotherapy response, chemotherapy resistance and relapse? The long-term goal of my research effort is to gain a better understanding of genome function, gene regulation and the underlying genetic factors impacting chemotherapeutic drug resistance and relapse in pediatric leukemia. Our laboratory is involved in three related areas of research:

  • Evaluating chromatin structure and the cis-regulatory landscape of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • Mapping gene regulatory responses to chemotherapeutic drugs and alterations in response that impact drug resistance in ALL
  • Defining genetic and epigenetic alterations to cis-regulatory elements that impact chemotherapeutic drug resistance, treatment response and/or disease relapse in ALL

Selected Publications

Bhattarai KR, Mobley RJ, Barnett KR, Ferguson DC, Hansen BS, Diedrich JD, Bergeron BP, Yoshimura S, Yang W, Crews KR, Manring CS, Jabbour E, Paietta E, Litzow MR, Kornblau SM, Stock W, Inaba H, Jeha S, Pui CH, Cheng C, Pruett-Miller SM, Relling MV, Yang JJ, Evans WE and Savic D. Functional investigation of inherited noncoding variation impacting the pharmacogenomics of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment. Nature Communications 2024;15(1):3681. Epub May 1, 2024. doi: 10.1038/s41467-024-48124-4. PubMed PMID: 38693155; PMCID: PMC11063049.

Barnett KR, Mobley, RJ, Diedrich JD, Bergeron BP, Bhattarai KR, Monovich AC, Narina S, Yang W, Crews KR, Manring CS, Jabbour E, Paietta E, Litzow MR, Kornblau SM, Stock W, Inaba H, Jeha S, Pui CH, Mullighan CG, Relling MV, Pruett-Miller SM, Ryan RJH, Yang JJ, Evans WE, Savic D. Epigenomic mapping reveals distinct B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia chromatin architectures and regulators. Cell Genomics 2023.

Bergeron BP, Barnett KR, Mobley RJ, Hansen BS, Brown A, Kodali K, Jeha S, Pui CH, Peng J, Pruett-Miller SM and Savic D. Mutual antagonism between glucocorticoid and canonical Wnt signaling pathways in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood Advances 2023. DOI: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2022009498. 

Zhao X, Wang P, Diedrich JD, Smart B, Reyes N, Yoshimura S, Zhang J, Yang W, Barnett K, Xu B, Li Z, Huang X, Yu J, Crews K, Yeoh AEJ, Konopleva M, Wei CL, Pui CH, Savic D, and Yang JJ. Epigenetic activation of the FLT3 gene by ZNF384 fusion confers a therapeutic susceptibility in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nature Communications. Sep 14, 2022;13(1):5401. doi:10.1038/s41467-022-33143-w.

Bergeron BP, Diedrich JD, Zhang Y, Barnett KR, Dong Q, Ferguson DC, Autry RJ, Yang W, Hansen BS, Smith C, Crews KR, Fan Y, Pui CH, Pruett-Miller SM, Relling MV, Yang JJ, Li C, Evans WE, Savic D. Epigenomic profiling of glucocorticoid responses identifies cis-regulatory disruptions impacting steroid resistance in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Leukemia 2022.

Zhao X, Qian M, Goodings C, Zhang Y, Yang W, Wang P, Beisi X, Tian C, Pui CH, Hunger SP, Raetz EA, Devidas M, Relling MV, Loh ML, Savic D, Li C, and Yang JJ. Molecular mechanisms of ARID5B-mediated susceptibility to acute lymphoblastic leukemia. J Natl Cancer Inst May 16:djac101, 2022. doi:10.1093/jnci/djac101. Epub ahead of print.

Ferguson DC, McCorkle JR, Barnett KR, Bonten EJ, Bergeron BP, Bhattarai KR, Yang W, Smith C, Hansen BS, Bajpai R, Dong Q, Autry RJ, Gocho Y, Diedrich JD, Crews KR, Qian M, Pruett-Miller SM, Roberts KG, Stock W, Mullighan CG, Inaba H, Jeha S, Pui CH, Yang JJ, Relling MV, Evans WE, Savic D. Amino acid stress response genes promote L-asparaginase resistance in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood Advances. Jun 14, 2022;6(11):3386-3397. doi:10.1182/bloodadvances.2022006965

Diedrich JD, Dong Q, Ferguson DC, Bergeron BP, Autry RJ, Qian M, Yang W, Smith C, Papizan JB, Connelly JP, Hagiwara K, Crews KR, Pruett-Miller SM, Pui CH, Yang JJ, Relling MV, Evans WE and Savic D. Profiling chromatin accessibility in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia identifies subtype-specific chromatin landscapes and gene regulatory networks. Leukemia 24 February, 2021.

Lee SH, Qian M, Yang W, Diedrich JD, Raetz E, Yang W, Dong Q, Devidas M, Pei D, Yeoh A, Cheng C, Pui CH, Evans WE, Mullighan CG, Hunger SP, Savic D, Relling MV, Loh M, Yang JJ. Genome-wide association study of susceptibility loci for TCF3-PBX1 acute lymphoblastic leukemia. J Natl Cancer Inst 3 Sept, 2020. doi:10.1093/jnci/djaa133

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Sakabe NJ**, Savic D**, Nobrega MA. Transcriptional enhancers in development and disease. Genome Biology 13(1):238, 2012. **equal contributions and corresponding authors

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