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Nancy Sobhy Bolous, MD, MA, MSc

Nancy Sobhy Bolous, MD, MA, MSc

  • Research Scientist, Disease Burden and Simulation


Nancy Sobhy Bolous, MD, MA, MSc, is a Research Scientist, Disease Burden and Simulation for the department of Global Pediatric Medicine where her work is focused on health economics and costing. She joined St. Jude from Cairo, Egypt, where she worked as a project manager on various health care projects on a national and international scale.

Nancy earned her medical degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo. After conducting medical electives in the United Kingdom, India and Russia then practicing briefly as a physician in Cairo, her passion to have a positive influence on the health care system motivated her to pursue a master’s degree in health care economics and management (Eu-HEM). The two-year program was designed in a way that each semester was conducted in a different university: The University of Bologna in Italy, Erasmus University of Rotterdam in The Netherlands and Management Center Innsbruck in Austria. Finally, the master’s thesis was based on a research project in the United Kingdom.

With the knowledge and experience gained from different countries, Nancy joined the health care management consulting department established by 57357 Children Cancer Hospital Egypt (57357 CCHE) as a project manager in which she managed multiple projects, most notably the viral hepatitis C national project with Tahya Masr Fund. Later, she joined IQVIA as a public health project manager during which she worked on several projects including hospitals quality improvement initiative in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and health insurance scheme modeling for Ghana.

Over the years, Nancy has been involved with multiple organizations and has traveled to serve the communities in multiple countries around the world. The dream of having a global-scale impact motivated Nancy to join St. Jude, the institution that inspired the establishment of 57357 CCHE. She aspires to invest her medical and economics expertise to help guide developing countries in investing their limited resources in a cost-effective manner in the field of pediatric cancer.