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Adolfo Cardenas-Aguirre, MD

Adolfo Cardenas-Aguirre, MD

  • Program Manager, Global Critical Care Transversal Program


Adolfo Cardenas-Aguirre, MD, is a Program Manager, Global Critical Care Transversal Program for the department of Global Pediatric Medicine.

Adolfo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico where he trained as a pediatrician and pediatric intensivist. In his role as department head in a pediatric children's cancer center, Adolfo began collaborating with St. Jude Global on Proyecto EVAT and other Critical Care Initiatives. He became captivated by the vision of Global Pediatric Medicine and interested in the implementation of quality improvement initiatives globally. 

Since joining the GPM team, Adolfo now works diligently in supporting the various critical care related initiatives to improve supportive care for children with cancer along our partner hospitals throughout Latin America and the world. He is particularly interested in Huma Factors, Quality improvement, Patient Safety, Early Recognition of Clinical Deterioration and Simulation & Education of Healthcare providers.  Adolfo hopes that with these tools he can contribute to the mission of GPM and bring quality care to every child, everywhere and make the world a better place.