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Hongbo Chi, PhD
Hongbo Chi, PhD

Hongbo Chi, PhD

Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Robert G. Webster Endowed Chair in Immunology
  • Co-Director, Center of Excellence for Pediatric Immuno-Oncology (CEPIO)
  • Associate Director, Basic Research, Comprehensive Cancer Center



PhD – University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Research Interests

Immunometabolism and systems immunology

Metabolic reprogramming of cell fate: Our laboratory has a long-standing interest in understanding metabolic programs underlying immune cell fate. We have discovered the critical roles of glucose, lipid, amino acid and mitochondrial metabolism in cell fate choices between effector (e.g., Th17 and Tfh), regulatory and memory T cells or between type-1 and type-2 dendritic cells, as well as context (e.g., tissue or tumor microenvironment)-specific metabolic adaptation. See selected publications: Guo Nature 2023; Lim Nature 2021; Su Cell Metab 2020; Karmaus Nature 2019; Zeng Immunity 2016; Yang Immunity 2013; and Shi J Exp Med 2011; Chapman Immunity 2022 (review); and Lim Nature Chem Biol 2022 (review).

mTOR and nutrient signaling: Our laboratory has explored the regulation and function of nutrient signaling pathways in orchestrating T cell development, quiescence, quiescence exit and differentiation. Aside from mTOR signaling, we have also investigated other nutrient-related signaling pathways including LKB1, folliculin, Hippo and autophagy. See selected publications: Blanco Nature Cell Biol 2022; Long Nature 2021; Shi Immunity 2019; Yang Science Immunol 2018; Yang Nature 2017; Wei Nature Immunol 2016; Zeng Nature 2013; Chapman Nature Rev Immunol 2020 (review); and Chi Nature Rev Immunol 2012 (review).

In vivo CRISPR screens: We have extensively applied high-throughput CRISPR functional screens to discover novel drivers and targets or reconstruct causal networks to gain new biological insights. In particular, our in vivo functional genomics approaches have identified new targets to enable and improve T cell functions toward tumors and infections, some of which are being translated into next-generation CAR T cell therapies for pediatric cancer. See selected publications: Zhou Nature 2023; Guo Nature 2022; Fu Nature 2021; Huang Cell 2021; Wei Nature 2019; and Shi Nature Rev Immunol 2023 (review).

Multi-omics systems approaches to immunometabolism and disease: We have developed or applied multi-omics systems approaches in immunology and immuno-oncology, including multiplex proteomics, metabolomics, ATAC-seq, scRNA-seq and integrative network analyses (e.g., NetBID). These integrative systems tools are crucial to establish metabolic signaling circuits and immune-mediated mechanisms underlying cancer, autoimmunity and neurodegeneration, in an unbiased and systematic fashion that cannot be surmised from simpler or reductionist approach. See selected publications: Su Nature Immunol 2023; Du Nature 2018; Shi Immunity 2018; and Tan Immunity 2017.

Selected Publications

Chi H*, Pepper M*, Thomas PG* (*shared senior authorship). Principles and therapeutic applications of adaptive immunity. Cell 187:2052-2078, 2024 (50th anniversary invited review).

Raynor J, Chi H. Nutrients: Signal 4 in T cell immunity. J Exp Med 221:e20221839, 2024 (review).

Chapman NM, Chi H. Metabolic rewiring and communication in cancer immunity. Cell Chem Biol 2024 (online publication, DOI: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2024.02.001; 30th anniversary invited review).

Shi H, Chen S*, Chi H* (*shared senior authorship). Immunometabolism of CD8+ T cell differentiation in cancer. Trends Cancer 2024 (online publication, DOI: 10.1016/j.trecan.2024.03.010).

Zhou P, Shi H, Huang H, Sun X, Yuan S, Chapman NM, Connelly JP, Lim SA, Saravia J, Kc A, Pruett-Miller SM, Chi H. Single-cell CRISPR screens in vivo map T cell fate regulomes in cancer. Nature 624:154-163, 2023 (highlighted by Research Highlight “Decoding T cell state-specific regulomes in cancer” in Cell Res, and Research Watch in Cancer Discov). 

Guo C, You Z, Shi H, Sun Y, Du X, Palacios G, Guy C, Yuan S, Chapman NM, Lim SA, Sun X, Saravia J, Rankin S, Dhungana Y, Chi H. SLC38A2 and glutamine signalling in cDC1s dictate anti-tumour immunity. Nature 620:200-208, 2023 (highlighted by News and Views “cDC1 craves glutamine for its glory” in Nat Immunol, Spotlight “Glutamine availability unleashes dendritic cells' anti-tumor power” in Cell Chem Biol, and Research Watch in Cancer Discov).

Su W, Saravia J, Risch I, Rankin S, Guy C, Chapman NM, Shi H, Sun Y, KC A, Li W, Huang H, Lim SA, Hu H, Wang Y, Liu D, Jiao Y, Chen PC, Soliman H, Yan KK, Zhang J, Vogel P, Liu X, Serrano GE, Beach TG, Yu J, Peng J, Chi H. CXCR6 orchestrates brain CD8+ T cell residency and limits mouse Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Nat Immunol 24:1735-1747, 2023 (highlighted by News and Views “CD8+ T cells pump the brakes on Alzheimer’s disease” in Nat Immunol, Spotlight “Alzheimer’s defense: brain CD8+ T cells in action” in Trends Immunol, and Editors’ Choice “Restraining neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease” in Sci Signal).

Fan H, Xia S, Xiang J, Li Y, Ross MO, Lim SA, Yang F, Tu J, Xie L, Dougherty U, Zhang FQ, Zheng Z, Zhang R, Wu R, Dong L, Su R, Chen X, Althaus T, Riedell PA, Jonker PB, Muir A, Lesinski GB, Rafiq S, Dhodapkar MV, Stock W, Odenike O, Patel AA, Opferman J, Tsuji T, Matsuzaki J, Shah H, Faubert B, Elf SE, Layden B, Bissonnette BM, He YY, Kline J, Mao H, Odunsi K, Gao X, Chi H*, He C*, Chen J*. Trans-vaccenic acid reprograms CD8+ T cells and anti-tumor immunity. Nature 623:1034-1043, 2023. (highlighted by Research Watch in Cancer Discov). * shared senior authorship.

Shi H, Doench JG, Chi H. CRISPR screens for functional interrogation of immunity. Nat Rev Immunol 23:363–380, 2023 (review).

You Z, Chi H. Lipid metabolism in dendritic cell biology. Immunol Rev 317:137-151, 2023 (review).

Guo C, Chi H. Immunometabolism of dendritic cells in health and disease. Adv Immunol 160:83-116, 2023 (review).

Guo A, Huang H, Zhu Z, Chen MJ, Shi H, Yuan S, Sharma P, Connelly JP, Liedmann S, Dhungana Y, Li Z, Haydar D, Yang M, Beere H, Yustein JT, DeRenzo C, Pruett-Miller SM, Crawford JC, Krenciute G, Roberts CWM, Chi H*, Green DR*. cBAF complex components and MYC cooperate early in CD8+ T cell fate. Nature 607:135-141, 2022. (highlighted by Research Watch in Cancer Discov). *Shared senior authorship.

Blanco DB, Chapman NM, Raynor JL, Xu C, Su W, KC A, Li W, Lim SA, Schattgen S, Shi H, Risch I, Sun Y, Dhungana Y, Kim Y, Wei J, Rankin S, Neale G, Thomas PG, Yang K*, Chi H*. Metabolic reprogramming of innate-like T cell fate and tissue homeostasis by PTEN. Nat Cell Biol 24:1642-1654, 2022 (highlighted by News and Views “PTEN checkMAITs type-17 innate-like T cells” in the same issue). *Shared senior authorship.

Chapman NM, Chi H. Metabolic adaptation of lymphocytes in immunity and disease. Immunity 55:14-30, 2022 (review).

Lim SA, Su W, Chapman NM, Chi H. Lipid metabolism in T cell signaling and function. Nat Chem Biol 18:470-481, 2022 (review).

Chi H. Immunometabolism at the intersection of metabolic signaling, cell fate, and systems immunology. Cell Mol Immunol 19:299-302, 2022 (editorial).

Long L, Wei J, Lim SA, Raynor JL, Shi H, Connelly JP, Wang H, Guy C, Xie B, Chapman NM, Fu G, Wang Y, Huang H, Su W, Saravia J, Risch I, Wang YD, Li Y, Niu M, Dhungana Y, KC A, Zhou P, Vogel P, Yu J, Pruett-Miller SM, Peng J, Chi H. CRISPR screens unveil signal hubs for nutrient licensing of T cell immunity. Nature 600:308-313, 2021.

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Lim SA, Wei J, Nguyen TM, Shi H, Su W, Palacios G, Dhungana Y, Chapman NM, Long L, Saravia J, Vogel P, Chi H. Lipid signalling enforces functional specialization of Treg cells in tumours. Nature 591:306-311, 2021. (highlighted by News and Views “Cancer aided by greasy traitors” in the same issue).

Raynor JL, Chapman NM, Chi H. Metabolic Control of Memory T-Cell Generation and Stemness. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 13:a037770, 2021. (review)

Raynor JL, Chi H. Investigating the dynamic changes in iNKT cell metabolic profiles during development. Methods Mol Biol 2388:181-192, 2021. (review)

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Shi H, Chi H. Polyamine: A metabolic compass for T helper cell fate direction. Cell 184:4109-4111, 2021. (preview)

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Su W, Chapman NM, Wei J, Zeng H, Dhungana Y, Shi H, Saravia J, Zhou P, Long L, Rankin S, KC A, Vogel P, Chi H. Protein prenylation drives discrete signaling programs for the differentiation and maintenance of effector Treg cells. Cell Metab 32:996-1011, 2020.

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Saravia J, Zeng H, Dhungana Y, Bastardo Blanco D, Nguyen TM, Chapman NM, Wang Y, Kanneganti A, Liu S, Raynor JL, Vogel P, Neale G, Carmeliet P, Chi H. Homeostasis and transitional activation of regulatory T cells require c-Myc. Sci Adv 6:eaaw6443, 2020.

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