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Naomi Echeandia, MSc

Naomi Echeandia, MSc

  • Senior Program Manager, Mexico Regional Program


Naomi Echeandia, MSc, is a Senior Program Manager, Mexico Regional Program for the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine. Naomi joined the department in 2016 as a Program Manager for the Mexico Regional Program. She has been instrumental in the design, execution, and success of “Mexico in Alliance with St. Jude,” an intersectoral collaboration that aims to improve survival for children with cancer in Mexico through four pillars: collaboration, modernization, quality, and evidence.

Naomi has developed deep expertise in design thinking and quality improvement and successfully co-designed and co-produced with multiple partners large-scale initiatives, such as Mexico in Alliance with St. Jude, Golden Hour Collaborative.

Naomi has been generous, sharing knowledge and tools with other regional and transversal programs. She has also continuously supported advancing St. Jude Global’s Strategic Partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. In this new position, Naomi will work towards meeting strategic goals with greater levels of autonomy.  

Born in Mexico, Naomi has a bicultural/bilingual background and comes with extensive project management and fundraising experience in Mexico and the United States. Prior to SJCRH, Naomi was working for the Global Health Initiative at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. She also worked on the development of binational fundraising strategies for Pronatura Mexico and has worked in the nonprofit sector for over ten years. She received a BA in Communication Sciences from Universidad Intercontinental (in Mexico City) and a MSc in Arts Administration with a focus in Fundraising from Boston University.