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Verónica Espinosa

Verónica Espinosa

  • Coordinator, Global Nursing Program


Verónica Espinosa is Coordinator, Global Nursing Program for the department of Global Pediatric Medicine. She is an international relations specialist and has served in a professional capacity for more than 10 years in social development programs benefiting disadvantaged children in the areas of education and health.

During her professional career, she has created and initiated Mexico-wide projects in relationships with both government and corporations. In the government sector, she has coordinated bilateral programs between Mexico and Central America, administrated corporate social responsibility programs to support low-income children and young people, and has participated at different NGOs in health programs. Her vast experience has given her a broad vision of social development programs.

She came to St. Jude after spending four years at Casa de la Amistad in its fundraising department, which benefits children with cancer, propelling the International Engagement Department, as well as in programs with leaders from other countries.

Verónica has served as a volunteer, writing reports, coordinating fundraising projects and developing support activities such as literacy programs, among others. Verónica loves human development, traveling and experiencing new cultures.