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Amanda Green, MD
Amanda Green, MD

Amanda Green, MD

Instructor, St. Jude Faculty



St Jude PIDS Fellowship (Basic and Translational Research) - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of America (PIDS), Memphis, TN
ACGME-accredited Clinical Fellowship (Pediatric Infectious Diseases) – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis, TN
ACGME-accredited Residency (Pediatrics) - University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN
MD - University of Washington School of Medicine – Seattle, WA
MA (Medical Sciences) - Loyola University – Chicago, IL
BS (Biology) - Seattle University – Seattle, WA

Research Interests

  • Human immune responses to co-infection and chronic viruses, including HIV and CMV
  • Hyperinflammation and immune dysregulation in response to acute viral triggers
  • Infections in patients with sickle-cell disease

Selected Publications

Green, AM, Cockroft J, Naeem F, Shaikh MN, Singleton DR, Bramley A, Jain S, McCullers JA and Arnold SR. Utility of induced sputum culture in assessing bacterial etiology for community-acquired pneumonia in hospitalized children. Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society June;11(6):274-282, 2022.

Alymova IV, McCullers JA, Kamal RP, Vogel P, Green AM, Gansebom S, York IA. Virulent PB1-F2 residues: effects on fitness of H1N1 influenza A virus in mice and changes during evolution of human influenza A viruses. Sci Rep May 10;8(1):7474, 2018. 

Alymova IV, Samarasinghe A, Vogel P, Green AM, Weinlich R, McCullers JA. A novel cytotoxic sequence contributes to influenza A viral protein PB1-F2 pathogenicity and predisposition to secondary bacterial infection. J Virol Jan;88(1):503-15, 2014. 

Alymova IV, Green AM, van de Velde N, McAuley JL, Boyd KL, Ghoneim HE, McCullers JA. Immunopathogenic and antibacterial effects of H3N2 influenza A virus PB1-F2 map to amino acid residues 62, 75, 79, and 82. J Virol Dec;85(23):12324-33, 2011.

Lahav T, Sivam D, Volpin H, Ronen M, Tsigankov P, Green AM, Holland N, Kuzyk M, Borchers C, Zilberstein D, Myler PJ. Multiple levels of gene regulation mediate differentiation of the intracellular pathogen Leishmania. FASEB J Feb;25(2):515-25, 2011.

Thomas S, Green AM, Sturm NR, Campbell DA, Myler PJ. Histone acetylations mark origins of polycistronic transcription in Leishmania major. BMC Genomics Apr 8;10:152, 2009.

Martínez-Calvillo S, Saxena A, Green AM, Leland A, Myler PJ. Characterization of the RNA polymerase II and III complexes in Leishmania major. Int J Parasitology Apr;37(5):491-502, 2007.

Last update: March 2023