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Andini Handayani, MPH, MA

Andini Handayani, MPH, MA

  • Program Manager, Asia Pacific Regional Program


Andini Handayani, MPH, MA, is a Program Manager, Asia Pacific Regional Program for the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine

Andini has been instrumental in fostering the growth of the St. Jude Global Alliance in Asia Pacific with partners across 13 countries and 35+ institutions, supporting the 6 Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer focus countries across WHO South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions, and leading the South-East Asia Regional Curing Safely Resource Guide project in collaboration with WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia.

In her new role, Andini will manage the expanding regional network, and the ongoing development and strengthening of multi-site collaborations. She will also focus on program implementation while supporting vital work with collaborators towards the shared St. Jude Global Asia Pacific vision to bridge Asia Pacific and the Global Alliance to improve outcomes for children with cancer and catastrophic diseases in partnership with everyone at GPM.

Andini is a development practitioner passionate about bridging the gap between evidence generation and program implementation. Andini has 6 years of experience coordinating projects in global health, child protection, democracy, and governance to create policies that are inclusive of and safe for the vulnerable and marginalized population in Indonesia.

Andini obtained a Master of Public Health degree from Boston University and a Master of Arts in International Development and Policy from the University of Chicago under the Obama Foundation Scholars Program.