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Paige Jones

Paige Jones

  • Program Coordinator, Travel


Paige Jones is a program specialist with Travel for the department of Global Pediatric Medicine. Before coming to St. Jude, she worked at AAA Carolinas as a leisure travel agent. She specialized in making "impossible trips" possible with her tenacity and out-of-the-box thinking.

While at AAA, Paige guided her clients to embrace cultural differences they may encounter while on their travels, listened to their travel goals and planned all logistics associated with their trips.

In addition to her professional experience, Paige has been passionate about international travel and culture from a very young age. Her parents met while studying abroad and instilled in her a love for learning and experiencing different cultures. She has visited over 35 countries with many more on the bucket list.

Paige grew up in a bed-and-breakfast that hosted guests from around the world. She has been on or hosted five student trips to Europe, lived in Australia as an American Field Service student and studied abroad in Munich while earning her degree in political science and international business management. Her unique experiences drive her to provide the sensitivity to work with culturally diverse populations and to embrace and value what differing cultural perspectives can offer.

Outside of work she is a voracious reader, enjoys being active in her community and spending time with her son.