John N. McCormick, BS, PharmD

John N. McCormick, BS, PharmD

  • Director-Clinical Pharmacy Programs
  • Leukemia/Lymphoma Service
  • Pharmaceutical Services


Education, Training, Certification

BS – Pharmacy, University of Tennessee
PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) – University of Kentucky

Membership in Professional Societies

American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists, Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group

Care of leukemia patients at St. Jude is truly a "team" oriented approach. Our clinical pharmacists are considered important members of this team. We work closely with physicians, nurse practitioners / physician assistants, nurses, and nutritionists as well as investigators from basic sciences in the implementation of protocol related therapy. Clinical pharmacists have many responsibilities to perform on the leukemia service. We provide the physicians with information about therapeutic drug monitoring of chemotherapeutic agents and other medications to ensure that each patient receives the greatest potential benefit with the fewest side effects. We assist in management of dosing recommendations and methods of delivery for important medications such as methotrexate, leucovorin and mercaptopurine. These recommendations may also include providing pharmacogenomic dosing information based on a patient's specific genotype and phenotype that may affect the patient's abilitily to effectively metabolize medicatons. We are actively involved with providing consultations to physicians regarding nutrition support, pain management, discharge planning and counseling, and documentation of compliance of protocol medications. Clinical pharmacists are very involved with developing patient education information and material, as protocols often involve complex therapy with multiple medications which can become quite confusing.

Being part of the "team" concept is very professionally fulfilling. Being able to take an active role with the development and implementation of new therapy for treating and curing leukemia is very exciting and always challenging!!