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Patsy Moretta & Dolores Seelig

Volunteer Spotlight

Patsy Moretta and Dolores Seelig

Since 1997, sisters Patsy Moretta and Dolores Seelig (affectionally known as “the Sisters”) have been volunteering at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Moretta and Seelig work two volunteer shifts at St. Jude. During a typical shift, they fill 100 snack bags in the kitchen. Each bag consists of a drink, fruit and small snack. Once they complete that task, the sisters take the video cart to inpatient floors, offering movies to patients and families.

“We heard about the volunteer opportunities through a friend who was a nurse at St. Jude,” Moretta said. “We love this place. All we wanted was to be where we could help kids and interact with them. The kids are happy to see us, and the parents are gracious. It is truly the most rewarding thing.”

Although new technology makes it simple for patients to easily access movies, the duo is dedicated to taking the video cart around the inpatient floors.

“I remember when the kids had to use a VCR. Times have definitely changed since 1997,” Seelig said.

Moretta and Seelig say they have made countless memories at St. Jude. The sisters have brought many laughs to the patients, families and employees. With their dedication, these women have made an impact on many people.