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Ali Mirza Onder, MD

Ali Mirza Onder, MD

  • Consulting Physician, Nephrology
  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Tennessee



MD – Uludag University, Faculty of Medicine, Bursa, Turkey
Residency – Marmara University Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Istanbul, Turkey
Internship and Residency – Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, Florida
Fellowship – University of Miami / Holtz Children’s Hospital, Department of Pediatric Nephrology, Miami, Florida

Clinical Interests

  • Pediatric Nephrology

Selected Publications

Onder AM, Rosen D, Mullett C, Cottrell L, Kanosky S, Grossman OK, Iqbal HI, Seachrist E, Samsell L, Gustafson K, Rhodes L, Gustafson R. Comparison of intraoperative aminophylline versus furosemide in the treatment of oliguria during Pediatric cardiac surgery. Pediatr Crit Care Med 2016; 17(8):753-63 PMID: 27355823

Nadeem S, Hashmat S, Defreitas MJ, Westreich KD, Shatat IF, Selewski DT, Onder AM, Chiang M, Weaver DJ Jr, Steinke J, Barcia J, Hernandez J, Hidalgo G, Ingraham SE, Abitbol CL, Pan C, Greenbaum LA. Renin Angiotensin system blocker fetopathy: A Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium Report. J Pediatr 2015; 167(4):881-885 PMID: 26130112

Valina MR, Larsen CP, Kanosky S, Suchy SF, Nield L, Onder AM. A novel CLCN5 mutation in a boy with asymptomatic proteinuria and focal global glomerulosclerosis. Clin Nephrol 2013; 80(11): 377-84. PMID: 22735364

Onder AM, Billings AA, Chandar J, Nield L, Francoeur D Simon N, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Antibiotic lock solutions allow less systemic antibiotic exposure and less catheter malfunction without adversely affecting antimicrobial resistance patterns. Hemodial Int 2013; 17(1): 75-85 PMID: 22716190

Onder AM, Billings AA, Chandar J, Francoeur D Simon N, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. PREFABL: Predictors of Failure of Antibiotic Locks for Treatment of Catheter-Related Bacteremia. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation 2010; 25(11):3686-93 PMID: 20501464

Onder AM, Chandar J, Billings AA, Simon N, Gonzalez J, Francoeur D, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Prophylaxis of catheter-related bacteremia using tissue fibrinogen activator-tobramycin locks. Pediatric Nephrology 2009;24(11):2233-2243 PMID: 19590902

Onder AM, Chandar J, Billings AA, Diaz R, Francoeur D, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Chlorhexidine-based antiseptic solutions effectively reduce catheter-related bacteremia. Pediatric Nephrology 2009;24(9):1741-1747 PMID: 19296135

Onder AM, Chandar J, Coakley S, Francoeur D, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Controlling the exit site infections- Does it decrease the incidence of catheter related bacteremia in children on hemodialysis? Hemodialysis International 2009; 13:11-18 PMID: 19210272

Onder AM, Chandar J, Billings AA, Simon N, Diaz R, Francoeur D, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Comparison of early versus late use of antibiotic locks in the treatment of catheter-related bacteremia. Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology 2008;3: 1048-1056 PMID: 18400965

Onder AM, Chandar J, Simon N, Diaz R, Nwobi O, Abitbol CL, Zilleruelo G. Comparison of tissue plasminogen activator-antibiotic locks with heparin-antibiotic locks in children with catheter-related bacteremia. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2008;23: 2604-2610 PMID: 18332071

Onder AM, Chandar J, Simon N, Saint-Vil M, Francoeur D, Nwobi O, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Treatment of catheter-related bacteremia with tissue plasminogen activator-antibiotic locks. Pediatric Nephrology 2008;28:457-464

Onder AM, Lopez R, Teomete U, Francouer D, Bhatia R, Nwobi O, Hizaji R, Chandar J, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Posterior reversible encephalopathy in the pediatric renal population. Pediatric Nephrology 2007;22:1921-1929

Onder AM, Chandar J, Saint-Vil M, Lopez-Mitnik G, Abitbol C, Zilleruelo G. Catheter survival and comparison of catheter exchange methods in children on hemodialysis. Pediatric Nephrology 2007;22:1355-1361

Onder AM, Kato T, Simon N, Rivera-Hernandez M, Chandar J, Montane B, Francoeur D, Salvaggi G, Tzakis AG, Zilleruelo G. Prevention of catheter-related bacteremia in pediatric intestinal transplantation/ short gut syndrome children with long-term central venous catheters. Pediatr Transplantation 2007; 11:87-93

Onder AM, Chandar J, Coakley S, Abitbol C, Montane B, Zilleruelo G. Predictors and outcome of catheter-related bacteremia in children on chronic hemodialysis. Pediatr Nephrol 2006; 21: 1452-1458

Onder AM, Espinoza V, Berho ME, Chandar J, Zilleruelo G, Abitbol C. Acute renal failure due to phenazopyridine (Pyridiumâ) overdose: case report and review of the literature. Pediatr Nephrol 2006: 21:1760-176.

Onder AM, Teomete U, Argani P, Toledano S, Zilleruelo G, Rodriguez MM. PRCC-TFE3 Renal cell carcinoma in a boy with a history of contralateral mesoblastic nephroma. Pediatr Nephrol 2006; 21:1471-1475

Abitbol CL, Chandar J, Onder AM, Nwobi O, Montane B, Zilleruelo G. Profiling proteinuria in pediatric patients. Pediatr Nephrol 2006;21: 995-1002

Last update: March 2018