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Ayomide Omotola, MPH

Ayomide Omotola, MPH

  • Program Manager, Sub-Saharan African Regional Program


Ayomide (Ayo) Omotola serves as the program manager for the Sub-Saharan African Regional Program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, specializing in the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine.

Her primary focus is on enhancing healthcare capacity in Africa, with a specific emphasis on improving outcomes for childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Ayo's approach is characterized by a strong commitment to effective collaboration driven by the resilience and dedication of her team and regional partners, contributing to the collective growth of the region.

Throughout her career, Ayo has been a dedicated advocate for maternal and child health, with expertise spanning areas such as nutrition, reproductive health (teens), child psychiatry, and her current focus on childhood cancer. Her decision to join St. Jude is deeply rooted in a mission-driven connection, propelled by a genuine desire to improve children's outcomes and a passion for equity. She brings a commitment to advancing treatment for children with catastrophic diseases, embracing the challenge of creating a brighter tomorrow and fostering a collaborative spirit.

In her role, she concentrates on expanding reach and impact in the region and beyond, guided by her dedication to equity and children's well-being.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ayo enjoys exploring diverse interests, including photography, DIY projects, continuous learning, cooking, and travel adventures. As she embarks on this exciting journey with St. Jude, Ayo's go-getter attitude, passion, and dedication are poised to make a meaningful and lasting impact on childhood cancer care in the region.