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Ulrike M. Reiss, MD
Ulrike M. Reiss, MD

Ulrike M. Reiss, MD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Director, Hemophilia Treatment Center




MD – University of Heidelberg, Germany (1989)
Residency (Pediatrics) – University of Heidelberg and University of Ulm, Germany; State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY and Children's Hospital Oakland, CA
Fellowship (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology) – Children's Hospital Oakland, CA

Research Interests

  • Bleeding disorders
  • Thrombosis
  • Bone marrow failure syndromes

Selected Publications

Berntorp E, Shapiro AD, Waters J, Astermark J; International Factor IX Treatment Network. The international factor IX treatment network survey. Haemophilia 18:e60-62, 2012.

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Basran R, Reiss U, Luo H, Ware R, Chui D. β-thalassemia intermedia due to compound heterozygosity for two β-globin gene promoter mutations, including a novel TATA box deletion. Pediatr Blood Cancer 50:363-366, 2008.

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Reiss U. Nierenersatztherapie bei Kindern und Jugendlichen an der Universitätskinderklinik Heidelberg 1969-1988. Inaugural dissertation [Renal replacement therapy in children and adolescents at the Children’s Hospital University of Heidelberg. Medical thesis]. 1990.

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