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Brin Schaechtel

Brin Schaechtel

  • Coordinator of Special Events and Programs

Brin Schaechtel began her career at St. Jude in 2009 as the Administrative Specialist in the Volunteer Services Department. For the past two years, she has served as the Coordinator of Special Events and Programs of Family, Guest and Volunteer Services. Schaechtel serves as a liaison between the St. Jude Women’s Club and the Ladies of St. Jude volunteer groups. She also works with the Patient Family Advisory Council and the Parent Mentor Program to ensure volunteer advisers have all necessary resources. She coordinates events for volunteers, volunteer clubs, the Patient Family-Centered Care department and hospital staff, which can include appreciation events, fundraising sales and education tables throughout the hospital.

“I love being able to help volunteers provide value for our patients and families while also being rewarding for them," she says. "Volunteers do all the extra things that staff wish they had time to do. They bring some normalcy and a smile to patients and families.”