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Chenchen Sun, MPH, MBA

Chenchen Sun, MPH, MBA

  • Program Coordinator


Chenchen Sun, MPH, MBA, is the China Region program coordinator in Global Pediatric Medicine.

As a liaison between St. Jude and partners in China, Chenchen’s major responsibility is to establish and develop collaborative initiatives in China, through implementation and oversight of projects related to education, capacity building and research, utilizing her experience in both U.S. and China health systems. A drive to create value for patients and doctors, along with care and concern, is what inspires Chenchen. To meet this vision, she has developed experience in both health care and business, first earning her MPH at Fudan University in China and then completing her MBA at Johns Hopkins.

Before she came to the U.S., Chenchen worked in a large hospital in China to support operations, patient safety and medical quality control. More recently, she gained additional experience at Johns Hopkins Health System across diverse activities and projects, such as improving medical service process/quality, developing marketing strategies, and coordinating and supporting community/campus recruitment projects. Chenchen also likes to help others. She served as a medical interpreter to assist patients with limited language skills during her spare time while studying and working at Hopkins.